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Why be part of SingaporeBoating?

SingaporeBoating works with both downstream and upstream aspects of the recreational boating industry. From marinas and boating clubs to boatyards, marine service providers, charter companies, manufacturers, dealers and brokers – these are some of the key stakeholders in our industry.

Singapore port waters is among the busiest and most congested in the world. This has resulted in it being heavily regulated. By helping to make boating more accessible to the end-user,  SingaporeBoating is growing the boating pie for all players in our industry.

Our collective voice will only matter if it had yours as well.
Together we can make Singapore boating truly heard.

Stand for Office – have your say in our strategic direction

Vote representatives who are effective in leading our industry

Volunteer – together we can achieve much more

Grow the pie – and by extension your own

Be a part of the industry discourse and member forums

Access public agencies and business federation resources – funding programmes, promotional incentives and trade missions

Be the first to know of changing policies, regulations and legislations that impact your business

Stay updated on the latest industry news and views

Membership Categories

Founding Member

Voting, Singapore registered entities

This category is now closed

Ordinary Member

Voting, Singapore registered entities

Registration fee: Waived
Annual dues: SGD360

Associate Member

Non-voting, Singapore or foreign registered entities

Registration fee: Waived
Annual dues: SGD324

New members are charged on the initiation fee and pro-rated annual dues
(starts from the month that you apply for membership).
Annual dues are from Jan to Dec of current year.

Together, we can make a difference

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